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Impedance-Based Endpoint for Remote Plasma Clean Technology

For over a decade remote plasma cleans have been employed to minimize chamber kit wear at the expense of throughput and gas consumption. Finally a production viable solution for end point of this remote plasma clean exists - Trace-Rite RPS.

TRACE-RITE® RPS is the only non-optical solution for remote plasma clean endpoint detection. No optics or optical path are required. Only with the TRACE-RITE® RPS impedance monitoring approach is remote chamber clean optimization and cost reduction finally possible.

The TRACE-RITE® RPS is a small, low cost plasma impedance analyzer specifically designed for endpoint detection of Remote Plasma Clean process commonly used in semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing. TRACE-RITE® RPS is based on plasma impedance monitoring which is the only non-optical technology applicable to any in-situ or remote plasma cleaning process. By installing the TRACE-RITE® RPS into the roughing line, there are absolutely no adverse effects on deposition hardware. As with all TRACE-RITE® products, integration and communication with the process tool is seamless.

The TRACE-RITE® RPS hardware has unique scaling capabilities enabling:

  • usage on very thin films such as hard mask or anti-reflective coatings, as well as much thicker inter-level dielectric or protective overcoat type films
  • usage for cleaning after one or two wafers where total film deposition is much less than that of typical lot sizes
For additional details please download the Sales Sheet below.

Download the TRACE-RITE® RPS Sales Sheet PDF

Key Features & Benefits:

Lower Cost of Ownership:

  • provides significant gas savings
  • optimized cleaning reduces abatement requirements and extends life of active flame units
  • reduces chamber erosion from over-cleaning, extending the life of expensive chamber components
  • reduces PFC emissions to the environment
Increased Performance:
  • increases tool availability for wafer processing by reducing chamber erosion
  • lowers particulate generation and improves yields due to reduced over cleaning
  • impedance-based approach removes the need to maintain an optical path required by NDIR, FTIR and other optical techniques

TRACE-RITE® RPS has the ability to monitor and control most process tools including those that requires communication that endpoint has been reached, such as the Novellus PECVD/CVD and AKT flat panel tools.

FORTH-RITE®s field-proven TRACE-RITE® software provides superior analysis capabilities and seamless integration with these tools.

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