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Powerful RF Endpoint and Data Analysis for Legacy Tools

Fast and Repeatable RF endpoint signals.

TRACE-RITE® analog is designed to provide simple and reliable endpoint detection to PECVD and etch process tools that have onboard algorithmic capabilities. It allows for a choice of RF signals to be manipulated so that they are output as strong transitions to be used by the process tool controller for accurate endpoint detection. Signal communications are made via existing connections on most platforms including all legacy Applied Materials® CVD/ PECVD platforms.

The standard Sense-Rite® sensor used by the "analog" measures the V, I and Phase of the RF signal. The user can select from these values, as well as the calculated values of Delivered Power, Z, R and X for output to the process tool. The chosen signal can be "windowed" and amplified to insure a robust signature for the endpoint algorithm. Using the optional Expand-Rite® "sensor multiplexer," additional Forth-Rite® control and monitoring systems such as Power-Rite® and Tune-Rite® can be used concurrently with Trace-Rite® analog.
Using standard installation kits, the SENSE-RITE® is connected at the RF power point-of-use to monitor changes in the chamber impedance - changes that occur as films are etched or process chambers are cleaned. The data for the processes is collected and saved. The data that TRACE-RITE® analog processes and collects can be integrated into manufacturing process control systems and used for tool characterization or troubleshooting. The "analog" works with any process chemistry and supports FORTH-RITE®'s flow optimization and clean-time reduction efforts to reduce environmentally damaging emissions.
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The Forth-Rite optimization process reduces PFC gas usage up to 50% without extending the overall cleaning time.

The World Semiconductor Council has agreed to reduce PFC emissions by >10% by 2010. Because PECVD and CVD chamber cleans represent 60-90% of a fab's total PFC emissions, to attain this goal a typical 200mm fab would need to reduce chamber clean emissions by 95%. Trace-Rite enables this more environmentally conscious operation along with significant cost savings through:

  • Clean time reduction
  • Gas usage optimization
Trace-Rite end point detection typically:
  • Saves 10 to 50% of conventional clean times
  • Enables overall C2F6 usage to be reduced up to 50%.

Many installation kits are available for the TRACE-RITE® analog and the SENSE-RITE® sensor. Shown above is an installation in an Applied Materials PECVD tool.

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