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June 30, 2008
   The production proven Trace-Rite Classic technology now includes an excursion detection option capable of seamless communication with Novellus tools to detect yield limiting events during film deposition. Communication is established with the Novellus tool which allows for recipe specific monitoring of RF measurements and the application of control limits to detect and prevent traditionally undetected equipment related failures or ignition related failures by halting the tool.
May 15, 2008
   Forth-Rite announces the first extension of its production proven Sense-Rite technology to frequencies other than 13.56MHz. Low frequency (350-450kHz) detector versions of Sense-Rite have been developed for excursion detection and endpoint applications. High frequency (40.68MHz) high accuracy sensor versions have also been developed for application in the photovoltaic industry.
April 4, 2008
   Forth-Rite announces first impedance based solution for remote plasma chamber cleans (RPC). The Trace-Rite RPS units operate in the foreline of the process chamber and leverage Forth-Rite’s power impedance based endpoint detection legacy to analyze the effluent from the chamber during the RPC. Integration with the process tool is seamless. Unlike optical devices, the Trace-Rite RPS technology is self-cleaning and does not suffer from coatings which degrade optical paths. Also the Trace-Rite RPS can be employed on flat panel or semiconductor manufacturing technologies.
March 1, 2008
   Forth-Rite Technologies, announces the expansion of its production proven Trace-Rite technology to include Trace-Rite Mini. The Mini is specifically designed to be a low cost, seamlessly integrated solution for end point detection on Applied Materials CVD/PEVD tools. The Mini retains the capability to scale endpoint transitions originally introduced in the Trace-Rite Analog. Endpoint transitions can be scaled to provide full range input to the existing Applied endpoint interface. Installation on the tool is seamless and does not require modification of the RF current path in any way, the Mini even derives operating power from the Applied interface.
January 30, 2008
   Forth-Rite announces the release of Trace-Rite Classic for Novellus Speed chamber clean endpoint detection. Application of the Trace-Rite technology resulted in an immediate reduction in particles and improvement in process yield. Integration with the Speed tool is seamless.
January 15, 2008
   Forth-Rite announces the completion of the proliferation of Trace-Rite units throughout all Novellus C1 tools at the Maxim San Jose facility. This is the culmination of work started in 2007 which resulted in several improvements to the Trace-Rite Classic product. All Novellus C1 tools running production at the Maxim San Jose facility now use the Trace-Rite endpoint system. The work involved in transitioning from the traditional C2F6 chemistry to the more environmentally friendly C3F8 is documented in a paper given at the SEMATECH AEC/APC meeting last October, contact Forth-Rite for a copy.
October 15,2007
   Forth-Rite announces the addition of serial communication option to Trace-Rite Classic in order to support the hybrid endpoint interface on Novellus C1 tools and the serial endpoint interface for C2 Sequel, Altus and Speed tools.
August 20, 2007
   Forth-Rite Technologies announces the release of Trace-Rite Analog. Trace-Rite Analog is designed to provide the same data storage, network capability and expandability to Tune-Rite and Power-Rite applications but on tools with existing endpoint detection algorithmic capability such as Applied Materials PECVD/CVD tools. By making use of Forth-Rite’s proven Sense-Rite measurement technology, combined with the ability to amplify small transitions in any measured parameter, Trace-Rite Analog provides a powerful endpoint detection tool with fast ROI potential and seamless integration into the Applied Materials P5000 and Centura platforms.
June 22, 2007
   Learn more about how Trace-Rite RF based end point detection out performs all conventional optical technologies to enable unprecedented savings on PECVD and CVD chamber cleans and the conversion to Green chemistries like C3F8. See our technology at the Silicon Services Consortium booth at Semicon West (booth #6088).
May 24, 2007
   Trace-Rite end point system has been enhanced to include Novellus C2 platform. Trace-Rite software and hardware has been enhanced to include the serial communications necessary for the more sophisticated C2 platform PECVD tools allowing these customers the same opportunities for chamber clean optimization and conversion to environmentally friendly chemistries that previously had only been available to C1 platform customers thru Forth-Rite's relationship with Silicon Services Consortium (SSC). Trace-Rite works with both C3F8 and C4F8 chemistries as well as conventional C2F6. Download the ROI Calculator software from our download page and see how much Forth-Rite technology can save your company.
May 18, 2007
   Forth-Rite announces Expand-Rite to multiplex the output from Sense-Rite to multiple clients. Expand-Rite provides three mirrored outputs from a single Sense-Rite RF sensor technology to allow for permanent applications such as Trace-Rite or Power-Rite to be installed on process tools while providing a second port for temporary equipment engineering operations with Tune-Rite and even a third port for custom customer application clients. Expand-Rite is designed to mount externally to either a Trace-Rite or Power-Rite chassis without expanding the footprint and while sharing the same power source.
April 17, 2007
   Forth-Rite announces View-Rite, the next step in the continuing improvement of its software for equipment control, end point detection, and RF diagnostics. View-Rite is designed to work with data from any Forth-Rite product and provide the user with a power data analysis engine for the creation of tool health monitoring control limits, chamber to chamber comparative data, end point algorithms or even Smith Chart based RF parameter analysis. The software is Windows based and designed to work on customer computers or Forth-Rite systems.
November 30, 2006
   Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC has entered into an agreement with Silicon Services Consortium, Inc. (SSC) of Austin Texas for the exclusive sales of the Trace-Rite RF based end point detection system on Novellus Concept One tools. SSC is the original refurbisher for Novellus Concept One systems. SSC will offer Forth-Rite's Trace-Rite technology on refurbished tools as well as a recommended upgrade to existing installed tool bases worldwide. The Trace-Rite RF based end point detection system was chosen by SSC over traditional optical systems due to significant performance and maintenance improvements made possible by Forth-Rite's unique state of the art point of use RF power measurement technology. For more information please contact Forth-Rite or SSC at http://www.sscinc.org
November 29, 2006
   Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC announces 20kW version of the Sense-Rite technology for application in the flat panel display manufacturing environment. Now FPD manufacturers can also take advantage of Forth-Rite's power Tune-Rite, Power-Rite and Trace-Rite technology due to the availability of the 20kW version of Sense-Rite. The Sense-Rite technology is designed as a scalable point of use RF power measurement solution and as such has been extended from the original 5kW version to include process powers up to 20kW. The initial application of this higher power Sense-Rite will be as the measurement element for Trace-Rite RF end point applications in CVD/PECVD chamber clean on FPD manufacturing tools. For more information contact Forth-Rite or any of their distributors.
June 26, 2006
   Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC announces the release of its World Class RF Measurement and Control Systems product suite. Focusing on strategic applications in plasma processing and applying the next generation SENSE-RITE RF sensor technology, FORTH-RITE has developed three new systems for immediate deployment in the manufacturing environment. Read Full Release
November 29, 2005
   Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC announces the beta release of the Sense-Rite® Software. Designed to integrate with the Sense-Rite® hardware and provide a human interface for integrator evaluation or end user investigations, the software collects, stores and displays RF measurements of voltage, current, phase angle and delivered power in real time. An integrated analysis package makes post-processing of the data simple, while an integrated simulation capability makes learning the software quick and easy.
November 18, 2005
   Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC announces the beta release of the coaxial installation kit for its state of the art Sense-Rite® technology. The coaxial installation kit consists of a generic adapter package and an accompanying set of coaxial connectors. Available in N, HN and LC male and female versions.
November 11, 2005
   Forth-Rite Technologies LLC announces the beta release of its Sense-Rite® RF Measurement System. Designed for proliferation, the Sense-Rite® technology provides unparalleled measurement capability in a single box form factor. The measurement system includes the Sense-Rite® unit, data acquisition software, manual, power module and cables.
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