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        Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC was founded in 2005 and is focused on providing the most sophisticated point-of-use RF measurement and delivered power control technologies available anywhere in the world. Based in Austin Texas, FORTH-RITE®is comprised of technologists who have been involved in all aspects of every major RF sensor design since 1991, with combined experience of more than 50 years in RF sensor design, manufacturing and applications engineering.

        Terry Turner, the President and founder of Forth-Rite Technologies, LLC has been involved in the design, development, deployment and application of RF measurement technology since 1987. Over this course of time, his vision and efforts have demonstrated to the plasma process community the existence of two fundamental concepts which relate to the application of RF measurement technology in plasma processing. First is the correlation between RF measurements and plasma processes. Knowledge and application of these relationships can implement significant improvements in process performance and yield or track process events such as end point or excursions. The second concept is that without closed loop control, the delivered RF power varies significantly resulting in the range of performance results typically specified by the +/-3sigma limits quoted in process parameters such as etch rate. Point-of-use measurement driven control is essential to reducing variability and improving overall process performance.


        FORTH-RITE®is Staying the Course in fulfilling Mr. Turner's original vision by providing technology to address both of the fundamental concepts of RF measurement as they apply to plasma processing by employing a revolutionary sensor design that provides both highly process correlated measurements and point-of-use measurement of delivered RF power in a cost effective package. The SENSE-RITE®technology utilizes state-of-the art integrated circuits in a radical new architecture to provide customers with both process and equipment control capability in a single-box form factor with on-board calibration storage for enhanced portability. Focusing on strategic applications in plasma processing and leveraging the SENSE-RITE®RF sensor technology, FORTH-RITE®has developed three new systems for the plasma manufacturing environment.


        TUNE-RITE®is focused on the equipment engineering mission of tool/process recovery by providing a man-portable toolkit for complete analysis of the RF power delivery system on the process tool in the manufacturing environment. Measurements provide immediate information as to the health and performance of the generator, matching network and all RF connections in the power delivery path. Results include matching network efficiency which supports the ongoing factory chamber matching effort. The TUNE-RITE®kit deploys quickly and easily.

        TRACE-RITE®is designed to provide real time RF based end point detection signals for either plasma etch or deposition chamber clean in either silicon or flat panel manufacturing. Web-enabled, TRACE-RITE®is designed to deploy easily and operate autonomously within the manufacturing environment. Data may be maintained locally or ported from the TRACE-RITE®unit for archival or post-process analysis. Two user configurable end point signals accommodate process dependency or multi-signal relationship analysis.

        POWER-RITE®is unique in the world by providing the ability to safely shift the control of RF power from the generator to the point-of-use. Traditional open loop RF power delivery systems typically provide delivered power accuracy of 5 to 10% depending on generator, match and chamber conditions. Active point-of-use control technology enables POWER-RITE®to provide delivered power accuracy of less than 1% with existing power delivery technology (generator, match and chamber). Reductions in delivered power variability translate directly into enhanced process performance, more closely matched process chambers and quicker recovery from maintenance events.

Ease of Use

        All FORTH-RITE®products operate with robust yet intuitive software. Although this software is PC compatible, FORTH-RITE®also provides a unique human interface product called DISPLAY MODULE. DISPLAY MODULE is packaged for the manufacturing environment and provides a touch screen platform to operate all FORTH-RITE®products. A powerful auto-configure routine recognizes FORTH-RITE®hardware autonomously and configures the software for the specific application.

        In addition, FORTH-RITE®is making available the SENSE-RITE®software development kit (SDK) for creating custom application specific software. The SDK is a part of the SENSE-RITE®evaluation kit available from FORTH-RITE®or any of its distributors throughout the world. The evaluation kit contains all necessary hardware, software and documentation to create and deploy RF measurement applications.

Forth-RITE®has the commitment, experience, technology and intellectual property your application deserves. Put it to work for you today.

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